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How to use - My documents

The 'My documents' page is where you can access, monitor and file any of the documents that you have selected and have started work on.

The following controls are available to you for managing your documents:

Changing the order of the documents displayed: use the functions in the top right of the page to order your documents.

  • Page navigation: jump between first, last, next and previous pages of results, or enter a number into the box to jump to a specific page
  • Record count: displays how many draft entries to show per page, and provides a live count of how many fit the currently applied search/filter criteria.
  • Sort controls: choose to display the current results by name, created date or updated date, and to view them sequentially or in reverse order

Filtering the documents displayed: use the filters on the top left of the screen to change the view to show:

  • All my documents: all the documents you have started work on at some point
  • With lawyer: all the documents that are currently being reviewed by your lawyer
  • Returned from lawyer: any documents that have been returned from the lawyer since you last logged in
  • Approved: all documents returned approved by the lawyer

Filing documents in your own folders: use the 'Create folder' button within the 'My folders' panel on the left of the screen to create and name new folders that are meaningful for you. You can then drag any document from the main viewing pane into these folders by clicking and dragging on the 'gripper bar' on the left of each document entry. If you delete a folder, the documents within it are not deleted, and are simply removed from the folder.

Clicking on a folder name in the 'My folders' panel will filter the main viewing pane to only show documents in the selected folder.

Editing a document: Click either the document header in the main viewing pane, or on the edit button alongside it, to open up the document in Rapidocs and adjust/edit it.

Submitting a document for legal review: If a document is eligible for legal review and you wish to submit it to your lawyer, click on the 'Send for legal review' button. The legal team will then be notified that you are ready for them to review this document.

Renaming a document: Should you wish, you can give your document a more meaningful name that will help you identify it from other documents in your account. Click on the 'Rename' button to change the name of the document - note that this will not affect the document itself, just the name under which it is filed on the RiskRemedy system.

Exporting a document: Click on the 'Export' button to export a copy of the document into another format, such as Microsoft Word (your original document will remain in the system and be unaffected by the export). Please note that exported documents cannot later be uploaded back in to the RiskRemedy system, and the legal team will only be able to comment and amend the unexported original.

Viewing guidance notes on the document: Open the document (click on the 'Edit' button) and then click on the 'Notes' tab to read the guidance notes supplied with the document to help you complete it correctly.

Deleting a document: You can delete any document that you have not submitted for legal review by clicking on the 'Delete' button.