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What's in the service?

When you subscribe to RiskRemedy, you get all of the following benefits for one price:

  1. Access to a 24-hour, 365 days a year legal advice helpline. One call will put you in touch with our expert advisers. They will guide you through the maze of business law, including the critical areas of employment, HR, health & safety and tax legislation, and help you to find a workable solution to any problems you may have.

  2. A range of web-based legal documents, policies and procedures to help ensure your business is legally compliant. These include a comprehensive employment agreement to make sure that your employees are fully informed about the main terms and conditions of their employment, and a health & safety policy creator to assist your business in taking all the steps it needs to ensure health & safety compliance. All documents can be created either online or offline using our revolutionary system.

  3. Unlimited review and approval of any legal documents you create by our specialist team of lawyers and other appropriately qualified consultants.

  4. A monthly bulletin informing you of changes to employment and health & safety law that might affect your business.

  5. A comprehensive and searchable web-based law guide, providing a wealth of information on legal issues that are likely to crop up when running your business.

  6. Legal expenses insurance protection of up to £50,000 covering employment disputes (including awards made against you), tax investigations, defence of prosecutions including health and safety, property disputes, data protection and personal injury.